Parade Float Gallery

*Over the years Valley Decorating has been fortunate to participate in and attend many parades. As a result we have many colorful images that we have decided to share with everyone visiting our website. Click on one of the links below to peruse our galleries.

Valley’s Parade Float History

You may not realize that Valley Decorating used to build floats 50 years ago! As part of our tribute to the hard work of Float builders, we’ve posted some interesting pictures below. Although the materials may have changed (as well as the hair styles!) many of the basics of float building remain the same.

Before the days of vinyl Floral Sheeting, paper sheeting was used on floats. Remember, plastic wasn’t even around before World War 2! In the 1950′s, when Valley began to build floats, floral sheeting was made of paper. The name “Petal Paper” is still used to describe vinyl floral sheeting, even though the vinyl has been in use for 30 years!

Now lets take a trip back to memory lane. In the early days of float building at Valley Decorating, we built floats for the Desert Circus Parade in Palm Springs, along with dozens of other parades in the western U.S. Before it was known for being home to spring break rowdies, Palm Springs was the get-away for the Hollywood stars. This parade took place on a warm day in early April, 1953. How many stars of the movies and TV can you recognize?

2016 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

2013 Clovis Rodeo Parade

2010 Oakland Holiday Parade

2009 Days of ’47 Parade Salt Lake City

2007 New York City India Day Parade

2007 San Francisco Carnaval Parade

2007 Ovar Carnaval (Portugal)

2006 Fresno County 150th Anniversary Parade

2005 Days of ’47 Parade Salt Lake City

2005 Malta Carnaval Parade

2005 San Antonio Fiesta And Floral Sheeting Props

2005 S.F. Chinese New Year’s Parade

Float Idea Page (Additional Float Designs)