Hanging Decorations

Let’s Decorate! Make your event spectacular with hanging metallic decorations! Your event attendees will be delighted with these breath-taking visual displays.  All of our hanging decorations come pre-assembled, ready-to-use, and are designed to save installation time and labor.  Because they are durably constructed they may be reused, or rented for other events! Three-Tier Chandelier This 8′ decoration (11′ from attachment point) is a perfect centerpiece for your event! The center rings tilt for a dramatic look.  The top ring is 33″ in diameter, the center ring is 22″ in diameter and the bottom ring is 11″ in diameter.  Constructed from durable hard board, this stunning decoration can be reused!  See price list for color choices Part #42213 1/case
  • Perfect for rental.
  • Fills a large space in little time!
  • A wonderful centerpiece for your event!
*Tip: Hang a 3-tier chandelier in the center of your dance floor and hanging spirals at each corner of the room.

Hanging Spiral These are available 4′ or 8′ tall.  Center Diameter is approximately 16″. Open the box, cut the ties and it springs into shape! Hangs in seconds and easily collapses down for storage. See price list for color choices. Part #42233  4 ft. Spiral 2/case Part #42234  8 ft. Spiral 2/case
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for rental.
Tip: Use a battery powered turner (not pictured) to create a dramatic spinning corkscrew effect! Part #42200

Hanging Hoops are an economical way to create a high impact visual display. Each Hanging Hoop is 8′ tall and 11″ in diameter.Available with retail packaging. Part #43199 6/case
  • Wide variety of metallic colors.
  • Available in holiday, iridescent, holographic and metallic colors.
Tip: Use a battery powered turner (not pictured) to create a spinning column! Part #42200

Shimmer Ring A smaller version of the Hanging Hoop, this 30″ long x 6″ diameter decoration comes in shimmering 2 color metallic combinations! The 2-color Shimmer-Rings are reversible so you can choose the outside color you prefer! Available with retail packaging. Part #43195 12/case
  • Great for Super Bowl parties!
  • All occasion decoration!
Tip: Hang as a table centerpiece

Hanging Heart & Star These 3′ diameter decorations are constructed on durable hard board and are build to last! Each decoration features a stunning 3-dimensional look and is bound to make your event shine! Part #42253 Heart 1/case Part #42243 Star 1/case
  • Perfect for rental.
  • No assembly required!
Tip: Hang hearts and stars above your dance floor to enhance formal and prom themes.