How to Build a Parade Float

Building a parade float is not as hard as it looks! Professional and beginner parade float builders acknowledge that our fringe and festooning, floral sheeting and grass mat provide the finishing touches to claim first place. In addition, we offer a variety of letters to help convey your message to the audiences at your event. Learn how to build an award-winning parade float, and see how easy it really is!

Where to Begin

When building a parade float, the first step is to thoroughly read all the information concerning entry fees, transporting the float, parade rules and regulation, deadlines and safety requirements. If you are building a float for a specific occasion, consult the parade chairman regarding the event’s theme so that you can come up with an appropriate design for your float.

Designing Your Float

Floats can be built on jeeps, cars, trailers or even boats and barges. However, most floats are built on trailers that are eight feet or less in width for traveling convenience to and from the parade route. Schedule a consultation with your float builders so that everyone can agree on a design. You can divide the work according to the number of people that you have in your team: one group can work on the props and costumes, while the other group can do the lettering and signage that will be displayed on your parade float. Another group can also be in charge of the framework used. Parade float is a team effort, so make sure that everyone in your team understands their role in building the float. The easiest way to come up with a theme for your float is to start with the theme of the parade or event. You can use symbols that are associated for the theme. For example, if you are joining a Christmas-themed parade, you can think of symbols that are best associated with Christmas 1) Christmas Trees (A Christmas Tree with Flame-Retardant Flocking Can Be Used on Your Float as a Prop) 2) Christmas Gifts (Large Gift Boxes on Your Float Make Great Props and Are Easy to Make) 3) Colors of Red, Green and White (You Can Use these Colors for Your Float) 4) Winter Time or Snow (You Can Use Flame-Resistant, White, Cotton-Like Materials such as Upholstery Stuffing to Emphasize the Snow Effect – These Materials Are Readily Available at Your Local Fabric Store) 5) Family Dinner (You Can Set Up a Dinner Table on the Float Depicting a Family Gathered During Christmas Dinner) 6) Santa’s Workshop (You Can Dress Up Children in Elf Costumes) Let each member of you team contribute ideas on how your parade float should look like. Be as creative as possible. Take note of the contributed ideas and agree to a certain design. Being creative can be the most difficult part when building a float, but is also the most exciting.


You can visit our products page to learn more about the decorating materials that we offer. You can also check your local hardware store for paints, indoor and outdoor coverings lattice, and other raw materials used as decorating materials. “For step-by-step instructions on decorating, materials estimating, and additional photos of floats, visit our “Contact Us” page and request our e-catalog. We have lots of additional tips to help make your float a winner!”