About Us

Valley Decorating Company is a manufacturer of fun-oriented products:
  • Parade Float Decorations
  • Cheerleader and Promotional Pompons
  • Party Goods and Special Event Décor

Founded in 1946 by Matt Offen, Valley has at different times
  1. Built parade floats for both the Pasadena Tournament of Roses®, the Portland Rose Festival®, and dozens of other celebrations in the Western US;
  2. Run trade shows at the Fresno Convention Center and Portland Coliseum;
  3. Provided Christmas decorations for over 5,000 cities and shopping centers;
  4. Made toy products – Pinwheels, Pompons, Batons & Megaphones.

* Valley Decorating products have been used in Olympics, Super Bowls, TV Shows and Movies, music videos, and commercials. Our success, however, comes from a long-standing commitment to provide the best quality products. And our team of employees (who average 15 years of employment with us) are experts at their jobs. This means you get products that work as represented. Over 95% of the products we sell are made in our factory in Fresno, California, and, when possible, we buy materials made in the US . We look forward to helping you soon.